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Management skills with co-development

Educational methods

During this training, the participant transposes specific situations to become aware enough to go for change. The participant can freely express himself (herself) on one's capabilities and difficulties. He(she) quickly and efficiently integrates this training as practical exercises and various situation scenarios make it a positive model. Also video testimonials of managers from other companies allow to share the vision of the other managers / project managers.

Educational objectives

Understand the basic missions of the manager
Acquire reflexes to optimize one's mode of communication and its management style
Identify effective and ineffective attitudes<

Detailed Program

1. Introduction of the model of constructive management

Thanks to the methods of systematic approach and co-development, the participants will learn to be resource managers. To look for concrete solutions, they review and share best practices, their successes and difficulties in applying the competences addressed in the Management Skills workshop phase 1.

This posture will also allow them to develop their manager's capacities and further skills in the areas of leadership, problem solving and decisionmaking.

2. Understand the method which develops new skills

    „ To practically train the manager coach to let him(her) get the best the techniques of problem solving regarding management

    „ To favor the collaborative work, the cooperation and transversal management to find real good answers management problems

    „ To learn techniques of co-development to improve its practices

    „ To adopt a methodology structured by analysis and by resolution of problem to develop a strategy of decision-making

3. A method structured by analysis and by resolution of problem in 8 stages:

    1. A participant willing to benefit (the "beneficiary") from the method explains his(her) problem and a main objective: project, success and difficulties to apply those managerial skills of session 1.

    2. Other participants adopt a "resource" position and proceed with the questioning to identify the players, the expected outcomes and the stakes. The final goal is defined. The sub-objectives are ranked.

    3. A participant positions as a "coach" to map all the actors resources and actors brakes and their interactions.?

    4. The participants "resource" help the "beneficiary" to specify his(her) problem and its stakes

    5. The questions, the proposed solutions and sharing allow the "beneficiary" to develop a new strategy based on the exchange with peers

    6. The resource participants and the coach help the beneficiary to select real good solutions,

    7. Each one notes and estimates what he(she) learnt during the exercizing time

    8. Sharing in group mode of what they remember from the methodology

Organisme de Formation référençable DataDock Duration : 2 days
(14 hours training)

Rates : 1590€

Dates : 20 & 21 Feb. 2020 - 9 & 10 April 2020 - 18 & 19 June 2020 - 8 & 9 0ct. 2020 - 17 & 18 dec. 2020 or you choose the dates !

Place : Lyon - Écully

Code : ENG1506

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Chantal Englebert-Balmont
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